What are some other pinup, glamour and boudoir ideas?


Boudoir Ideas: Photography or B-session is photography catering to women who want to bring our their inner and outer beauty in a very soft sensual and elegant way, boudoir photography does not require the subjects to be beautiful or physically flawless woman, boudoir photos can be revealing, but they don’t have to be. It’s up to the woman how far she wants to go with her beauty and confidence to get the best possible photo for herself or as a gift.

Glamour photography is similar to boudoir. Glamour photography, more boudoir ideas, is a form of photography which focuses on the models, highlighting their natural features in a way which is meant to be flattering and artistic, many glamour photographs view their work as art exploring the nature of the human form and using a variety of stylistic techniques to highlight their models, often, such photographs bring out another side of the model, using lighting, composition and interesting poses to draw the model’s hidden nature out, into the open, while glamour photography is often associated with sensual images, it does not necessarily have to be sensual in nature, usually the girls wear more make up and their hair is big and glamorous.

Pinup photography today is trying to recreate the classic look from the 1920s to 1960s, pinups in those eras were considered sexy, classic, taboo and unforgettable, a pinup is usually a picture that is displayed on a wall, magazine, painting or advertisement.


One of the biggest concerns we get is “I don’t look like the models on your web site!” 
The only “models” on our website are women − just like you & me − who have their weak spots, their flaws and the usual complaints about their thighs, hips, lips, buttocks and hair. We all have problems with stretch marks, cellulite, acne or maybe sometimes some excess weight. But that hasn’t stopped us and it shouldn’t stop you from looking and feeling great too! 

Just read our many testimonials from very satisfied customers if you are apprehensive at all!

 All of the images on our photo galleries are of REAL women…women with  curves, women with children, married women, single women, women who never dreamed they could look so sexy. But they do. They are all – just like you!

 They’re all of the above and more:

•           Women in love

•           Women out of love

•           Women in love with themselves

•           Women who need a self-esteem boost

•           Women who want to take a minute for themselves

…They’re women who want and deserve to feel better about who they are and how they look! 

We’re just “GREAT” at accentuating your assets and making you look like professional models. We hide what you consider your major flaws through the expert use of lighting, posing, outfit selection, makeup Application and more. We are a full service photography boutique that’s run by women, caters to their needs and leaves them feeling like they just stepped off the pages of a Victoria’s Secret Catalog!

Another concern is that some ladies inquire about an -all digital- photo-shoot and they ask to deduct the print credit. Well if you’re not going to hang your photos in your house and bedroom or give it to your man as a printed framed gift, is it going to be stuck on the computer? That’s not fair, we spend long hours preparing for the shoot and the post production, It does not make sense not to get prints (and if you want to print it at Wal-Mart it’s up to you but at least you’ll have our print and you can compare the quality we’re sure you’ll print with us after that.


Sexy Ocean View Boudoir Session

What are Sexy Ocean View Boudoir ideas? We thought you’d never ask, have you ever received a Victoria’s secret catalog, C’mon, you know you have, they come in the mail more often than your phone bill. Well, Just think of that catalog and that’s way you’ll get, only you, a few times a year we offer this special event, instead of our traditional Glamour/Boudoir photos shoot done at the studio everyday of the year.

This even is held on location in a luxurious hotel suite, your day will begin by arriving at an Ocean view hotel where you’ll be greeted by the hotel valet, you will then proceed to your luxurious suite, there will be a glass of champagne awaiting your arrival to help you relax because we know how it feels to be in your shoes, we all had our boudoir and glamour photos taken and we love it.

For this shoot, You will be photographed in various locations and sexy poses by Christina, no men allowed except if you brought a male guest.. You will feel like a Victoria’s secret model and you’ll have the photos to prove it. Include an Elegant Satin Boudoir Album filled with your photos from the shoot. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Learn more about preparing for your Best Boudoir Photo Shoot.

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